DT SWISS Plug-in 12/100mm RWS With 1.5mm Thread Pitch

DT Swiss

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Ratcheting Wheel Mounting System (RWS) with plug in lever for 12x100mm hubs. With the introduction of the RWS Plug In we further fortify the RWS’ position as the benchmark in high end, high precision through axle systems. It is the only solution on the market that looks very clean both with and without the lever. So now you can have an RWS and chose whether you want to keep the convenience of a lever or go full race, hex only-mode.

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  • Field of application: Road
  • Built in Dimension: 100mm
  • Length [mm]: 121
  • Thread length [mm]: 13
  • Thread pitch: M12 x 1.5mm
  • Net weight [g]: 58
  • Up to 50% more clamping force than a common quick release
  • Safe and easy to use: tighten up the system by turning the lever clockwise by hand as firm as possible (min. 15 Nm hand force)
  • Multi-position lever with red, alloy release button for lever angle/clocking
  • Removable lever for weight saving, aerodynamics and cleaner look
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