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Formula’s sintered brake pads are of a high density construction giving increased performance without fade over longer periods of sustained use. Constructed under high pressure and temperature the pads feature copper fibres which help to dissipate heat away from the braking surfaces to maintain performance. The hardwearing pads offer increased life even in abrasive conditions and are excellent for larger riders, on DH bikes or wet use.

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  • Hardwearing brake pad
  • Hard density construction
  • High performance on long runs and for enduro/DH
  • Lasts longer than other organic pads
  • Maintain high performance in wet conditions
  • Works well with large rotors
  • 1 pair includes 2 x pads and 1 x pad spring
  • Compatible with: THE ONE,T1, R1, RX, MEGA,C1,RO, Cura
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