Formula Thirty-Five 35 29″ Forks Std


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The 35 is the result of years of development focused on one aim, achieving a definitive enduro suspension fork. The 35mm stanchions give exceptional stiffness to the 35, although, at the same time, they do not compromise its weight, making the enduro fork the lightest on the market with 1790g.

The innovative Internal Floating Technology (IFT) gives the 35 a superb flow, which no stanchion treatment, alone, could ever equal. Thanks to the Compression Tuning System (CTS), this fork can be easily adjusted to personal preference, with extreme simplicity, for any rider. The Remote Cartridge Control (RCC) is not just a remote lockout, but also permits handlebar control of the fork compression, so it can adapt immediately to changes in riding terrain.

No other fork is as smooth as the 35, light like the 35, can be personalised like the 35 while at the same time reliable and resistant like the 35 is. With this fork we have achieved the definitive weapon for modern mountain biking.

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  • Standard 100-140mm (Internally Adjustable)
  • Extended 150-160mm (Internally Adjustable)


  • Axle to Crown (Standard) 546mm +/- 5mm at 140mm of travel
  • Axle to Crown (Extended) 566mm +/- 5mm at 160mm of travel
  • Fork Offset (Rake) 44mm or 51mm
  • Max Rotor Size 203mm


  • Size Tapered 1 1/8” – 1.5”
  • Color Black Anodized


  • Color Black (Matt)
  • Material Hollow Forged Aluminum


  • Color Black (matt) / White (matt) / Ultraviolet (matt)
  • Dropout 15QR
  • Axle Integrated Locking System (ILS) (15QR axle)


  • Diameter (Ø) 35mm
  • Material 7075 Aluminum
  • Finish Hard Anodized Black
  • Damping Adjustments Drop – In Cartridge with Internal Floating Technology
  • Rebound 21 Click Adjustment
  • Compression High and Low Speed 12 Click Adjustment
  • Compression Curve Adjustable with Compression Tuning System (optional)
  • Lockout Crown Mounted standard
  • Remote Cartridge Control Optional
  • Spring Type Air Spring (w/5cc Ballistol Oil)
  • Negative Spring Steel (Dual Coil Technology)


  • Standard 1855g
  • Extended 1860g
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