Inpeak Custom Powercrank – SRAM


±2 weeks for Installation

POWERCRANK CUSTOM is dedicated to all those who want to minimise the cost of purchasing a power meter. We guarantee that we will send the meter built on your arm not later than 14 business days after receiving your arm. If you find your crank mechanism in the list below, it means that we are able to mount a power meter on it.


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  • Accuracy: ± 2%
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Weight: additional 12g to the nominal weight of the left crank arm
  • Battery life ~200h ( CR2032)
  • Power range: 0 – 2000 [watt]
  • Cadence range: 20 – 200 [rpm]

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Force, Force AXS, Red 22, Red AXS, XX1 Eagle, X01 Eagle, Eagle GX