Bikeshield Full Coverage


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Protects your bike against scratches and stone chipping. The invisible bike shield protects frame or parts against scratches and stone chipping. Keeps your bike looking new longer. Will not yellow.

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  • Bike Paint Finish: Bikes with a clear paint finish use the clear pack; Bikes with a matte paint finish use the matte pack
  • Ultra tough protection.
  • Self healing when cut.
  • Easy to apply/remove by hand.
  • Leaves no sticky residue.
  • Invisible on the bike.
  • Will not yellow with age.
  • Long lasting.

Full pack: 10pc set for all parts of the frame:

  • Seat Stays (5x25cm) x 2
  • Chain Stay (5x30cm) x 1
  • Down Tube (10x53cm) x 1
  • Top Tube (8x53cm) x 1
  • Head Tube and Cable Rub pieces x 5
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Bike Paint Finish