e*13 Vario Lever


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The all new Vario™ 1x Dropper Lever is the perfect complement to our new Vario™ Infinite Dropper Post.. or any cable actuated dropper seatpost! The angle-adjustable paddle pivots on dual cartridge bearings allowing for a smooth and light action, while grip tape on the paddle ensures no-slip operation. The Vario 1x lever is topped by a durable aluminum body. It’s Matchmaker™ compatible, and perfectly integrates with all common brake levers. The Vario™ body allows for custom setup with three different clamp mounting positions to match rider preference and cockpit configuration.

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  • Color: Stealth Black
  • Compatibility: Works with any cable-actuated seatpost that requires cable anchor to lever. Matchmaker™ compatible.
  • Features: Adjustable paddle with grip tape.
    Matchmaker™ compatible
    Alloy body with three position mounting
    Dual bearing light action blade
    Cable anchored at lever
  • Included: Dropper lever w/ bar clamp
    Cable & housing, 2000mm
  • Mount: Bar clamp, or Matchmaker™ mount.
  • Weight: Vario 1x lever 73g
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