e*13 XCX Freehubs


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Replacement freehub bodies to fit all e*thirteen hubs. Replacement drivers are available for our popular TRS/LG1 series hubs as well as our newest line of e*SPEC and XCX hubs. Offered in Sram™ XD™, Shimano™ Microspline™ and the traditional splined 10/11 speed Shimano™ driver.

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  • Compatibility: TRS & LG1 drivers are compatible on ALL TRS & LG1 series hub models regardless of generation or year. Compatible hubs include TRS+, TRSr, SL, Trail, LG1+, LG1r
  • XCX drivers are ONLY compatible with our new 2019-20 year model XCX race hubs
  • e*SPEC drivers are ONLY compatible with our e*spec hubs
  • NOTE: LG1 series 7spd hubs are ONLY compatible with our 7spd integrated cassettes
  • Engagement: 6 Degree Engagement
  • Hub: Drivers will only work with e*thirteen hubs
  • Included: Freehub, Pawls x3, Spings x3, Washer x1, Seal x1
  • Weight: TRS / LG1 / XCX Drivers 80-90g / e*SPEC Drivers 128-138g
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Shimano, Microspline, XD