Racingbros Low Friction Fork Seal 35mm


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With Racingbros’ 35mm Modes low friction gaskets, your RS Pike, Lyrik or Yari suspension fork gets an incredibly low breakaway torque that improves the fork’s responsiveness. This is made possible by adding MOS2, graphite and PTFE to the Lycran material.
Racingbros’ one-piece Modi Performance scrapers combine dust wipers and oil seal in one component. As a result, they withstand a higher system pressure of up to 20kg / cm² compared to conventional two-piece seals. The oil inside the fork is held reliably in the system while dirt, mud or sand are kept away from the interior of the fork.

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  • More performance at a better price
  • Low breakaway torque
  • Dust wiper and oil seal in one
  • Withstands a system pressure of up to 20kg / cm²
  • Absolutely waterproof and UV resistant
  • Working temperature from -25 ° – 80 ° Celsius

Fits the following suspension fork models

  • PIKE all models from year of construction 2014
  • Yari from year of construction 2016
  • Lyric from year of construction 2016
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