DT SWISS Pro Head® (PHR) Washers

DT Swiss

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PHR – Pro Head Reinforcement system. The PHR system increases the load-bearing surface of the nipples on the rim and reduces localized stresses. Peak loads are reduced allowing us to built the rim even lighter. The washer’s shape also acts as a ball joint and automatically aligns the specific DT Squorx Pro Head® ball head nipples with the spoke further, reducing the risk of spoke failure or rim cracking.

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  • Field of application: Wheel building
  • Recommended to use with DT SWISS Pro Head® nipples
  • Colour: Silver
  • Weight [g]: 0.28 ea
  • Dimensions: Ø8.5/4.3×0.9
  • Quantity: Box of 100pcs
  • Pairs with: All DT SWISS Pro Head® nipples using PHR technology
  • Refer to our DT SWISS FAQ page for further wheel building techniques
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